Social Media Production

Product Review – Single Package


We send you a short, upbeat, unrefined video review of your product or service. We post that video review on one of our own consumer accounts, which allows you to repost it to yours.


We make you visible on all of the relevant review sites.

We post 6-10 positive reviews, complete with pictures when applicable.

Social Media Accent Package –A la carte

We create 30 good posts of varying types that you can save for future use. Just what you need for one full month of campaigning

These can be short videos, blog entries, photos with captions, or flyers and infographics.

We finalize our designs/edits/blog posts and send them to you in a format that you can easily use. You will receive web-ready files, and also working files that you can change up later as needed.

That Branded Look And Feel – Single Package

We design a custom logo and branding scheme for your business.

With that, we curate a package of useful marketing assets such as taglines, hashtags, keywords and photo filters.

We package all of this in a way that is easy to use, easy to remix, and requires no extra help or graphic design experience.

The Full Social Media Game – Monthly Package

Comprehensive, autonomous, full-service social media management, and everything that goes along with it. No questions, nostone unturned. We just do it all.

We make posts, encourage reviews, respond to reviews, direct potential customers to your business, and keep your brand active across all the relevant social media platforms. We do this with as much or as little autonomy as you feel comfortable granting us.

Develop our own posting strategy based on the ideal timing and the type of content your clients respond positively to.