Conversion Tracking

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Powerful Maamoot’s Conversions
Tracking Software

Call & Lead Tracking

Phone Call Tracking

  • Dynamic Phone Number Insertion (DPNI) technology enables us to track calls on your website by replacing your telephone number with a tracking number uniquely assigned to that campaign.
  • Keyword & Campaign Level Tracking. Track the effectiveness of your campaigns and ads as keyword and campaign information are attached to each call received.
  • Instant Telephone Selection. Port your existing telephone number or choose from one of our ready-to-use numbers and start enjoying the services immediately.
  • Simple Setup. Setup is straightforward and our team is always available to help you every step of the way.
  • Easy Tracking. Track either via campaign or traffic source, and find out which ads are more effective.
  • Call Recording. Phone calls could be recorded for lead tracking and training purposes. With Maamoot you have the option to choose the phone numbers you want to record.
  • Call Greeting Message. Setup automated greeting for callers.
  • Call Whisper Message. Callers are identified to agents taking the calls.
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Web Form Tracking

  • Instant Form Tracking. Track existing forms as they are populated.
  • Additional Form Data. With each form submitted, you can automatically record and save campaign details, medium and traffic source.
  • Complete Lead Detail. All lead details collected and stored for evaluation and sales tracking.
  • Keyword & Campaign Level Tracking. Our form tracking can reveal which keywords or campaigns are effectively driving lead conversions.

Additional Tracking

E-Commerce Tracking.All online transactions could be recorded.
Chat Tracking. Website chat sessions could be recorded for evaluation and training purposes.
Event Tracking.Track all customer activities and interactions on your website, including downloads and video plays.

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Real-Time Reporting

Reporting Beyond Analytics. Business
reports that web analytics can’t give you.

  • Total Leads Report. See total leads tracked by method and source
  • Quotable Leads Report.
  • Quote & Sales Value Report.

Measure more meaningful metrics.
Business value reported by marketing source.

  • Total Leads Report. See total leads tracked by method and source
  • Quotable Leads Report.
  • Quote & Sales Value Report.
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Our software easily integrate with :


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Integrate WhatConverts data with over 500+ applications using#

Lead Management

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Manage Leads. Use real business value and manage all your leads in one place.
  • Lite Lead Management. All interaction with customers either via phone calls or web form leads are stored recorded.
  • Manage Leads. All leads are tied to their marketing sources for data collection and campaign evaluation purposes.
  • Simple Search. Multiple lead search options are available on the system.
  • Field Mapping. Information from different forms could be integrated into one column for reporting purposes.
Lead and Contact Qualification. Not all calls or form submission are qualified leads.
  • Add Business Value. Our feedback loop gives you the ability to rate leads and add business value.
  • One Click Qualification. Our feedback loop enables you to easily qualify calls, forms and chats.
  • Simple Messaging. Qualify each lead by responding to a simple “Yes” or “No” email.
  • Track Sales. All sales are tied to the marketing source so you could keep track of sales even on long sales cycles.