Significance of Paid Media in Digital marketing strategy

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Paid Media is defined as any digital activity where you make a payment for advertising on related websites or social media platforms. It also includes payment for each click made through a search engine. A paid media marketing strategy often includes search ads, display ads and social media advertising methods. It’s a platform for driving more leads from popular websites or social media platforms to your websites through advertising. There is significant potential in this marketing strategy to grow your audience or establish a position in your industry by driving more relevant traffic, leads to your website. It is categorized as:

Search Ads: On completion of Google search, the results will feature a number of paid advertisements along with other outcomes. These search ads are usually given top positions, since the search engines know that these prominent positions provide stronger conversion rates.

Social Media Ads:  Social networking sites provide advertising spaces in-between their content, and also allows placing advertisements within their feeds so that visitors consume them as part of the content.

Display Ads: These ads are mostly seen as banner ads appearing within the content. Popular, respected and informative websites are considered to be the best places for promotions. Based on requirement we can determine best placements to our paid advertisements.